Birdz Eyewear on the TLC's "19 Kids and Counting".

"I just got 2 pairs of your wraparound over eyeglass Polarized sunglasses, the Beak....... They are INCREDIBLY well-made.......the finish is sleek and smooth, and when I first went to put them on, I was afraid they'd be 'stiff' as other glasses I've had in the past were; ....these are NOT.....they open beautifully..........the fit is wonderful!! Other wraparounds I had in the past were so stiff to put on, they eventually broke in half at the bridge!!!!........but we live and we learn!!!! I have spent lots of money on clip ons, wraparounds, etc., and now have finally found the ones I'm going to keep. I will be getting eye surgery in the next year or so, and now I can rest easy, knowing that these Birdz wraparounds are the best ones for me!! So thanks for a great product!!!.....and by the way, I got my sunglasses in FOUR DAYS.........unheard of!!"
Ben Grego
Columbus, OH

"I have the Catbird in Tortoise and Leopard! LOVE them!!! These sunglasses are so light, I don't even remember I have them on! The tint is incredible, too! I love brown shades because they brighten everything!!!"
Jennifer M.
Hobart, IN

"I just tried out my new glasses and I am impressed. I've been wearing WileyX for the past few years and while they are great glasses, they are a little expensive to replace when I sit on them or lose them. The Birdz are almost as good and you can't beat the price. Thanks again!"
John G. (quote courtesy of Birdz dealer, NY Biker
Brooklyn, NY

"I just received my Birdz Crows. At first, I almost sent them back because they felt much lighter than the glasses I usually wear. After wearing them on my bike a couple hours, I realized that I liked the way they felt on my face. They are so comfortable that I forget I'm wearing them. Thanks New York Biker!!"
Pam W. (quote courtesy of Birdz dealer, NY Biker
Birchwood, WI

Dear Birdz Eyewear/Sir/Madam,
Borrowed a pair of your Wing goggles here in a dropzone in Ireland today. Your goggles fit very comfortable under the skydiving camera helmet overcoming what can be a regular problem. I will certainly spread the word among the club members.
Declan Greville

Dear Birdz Eyewear,
My name is Dyke Riffle. I live in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. I have been riding motorcycles for over 30 years. Even when I was younger, the wind made my eyes tear up all day and then the next day, my eyes would be extremely bloodshot. Usually this resulted in me having to wear full face helmets which I didn't really like to do. I don't wear the full face helmets anymore because they are too hot and so I am back to square one with my bloodshot eyes. For the last few years, I have been on a quest to find a pair of glasses or goggles that would keep the wind completely off my eyes. Some have been better than others, but even the good ones let some wind onto my eyes. In preparation for an upcoming vacation ride thru Europe, I was again looking for some eyewear that would be better. We would be riding for 13 days in a row and if my eyes were irritated after the first day, the rest of the trip would be very difficult. I bought 3 new pairs of goggles for the trip and brought 3 of my older pairs with me. The first day of the tour I broke out my brand new Birdz Bill (non Rx). These were far and away the best goggles I have ever worn on my bike. On the second day, I decided to try another new Birdz Wings. Even better!!! The Wings kept ALL the wind completely off of my eyeballs!! And, they look totally cool! I have both styles in black with dark lenses and they are excellent in blocking out the sun. It was over 100 degrees alot of the time and the sun was never an issue for me with my dark lenses. On the fourth day, the weather got a little lousy and it rained most of the day. I went back to my Bills and they did an excellent job of keeping the rain out and they NEVER fogged over. This is amazing! I've never had a pair of goggles that performed well in the rain! Great in sun, great in rain? Unheard of. You might be interested in knowing about the other brands that I brought along with me. I never used them. I wore my Wings most of the time and my Bills the rest of the time. The ones that I never wore? A pair of Wiley-X that I've been wearing for years, a pair of Bobster goggles and a pair of new Panoptx glasses. The Birdz outperformed all of them. Thanks for making a great product.
Dyke Riffle

Celebrity Vince Vaughn wearing the Birdz Wing on the set of one of his movies.

Former 1992 and 1996 Presidential candidate and billionaire businessman, H. Ross Perot wearing the Birdz Bill.

Thank you for the lovely googles and keep up the good stuff! GO BIRDZ!
Skier Havard Sandvik, Norway

Members of the Birdz Flock: Blackbird Flames (left on the lady) and the Owl goggles (right).

Group of motorcyclists outside the Racing Isle Surf and Cycle in Hawaii- ALL wearing Birdz!

Cyclists wearing the Snipe (left) and Oriole Flames (right)!

Dougie from Scotland wearing the Phoenix. (supplied by A10 Motorcycles Scotland)

Professional Kite Surfer Nina Johansson in the CatBird Leopard. (photo by James Wright)

Triathlete Amy Bennett at the Iron Man World Championships, wearing the Crow.

Professional Kite Surfer Nina Johansson in the Pheasant

Triathlete Jeff White in the Snipe Revo at the Iron Man Lake Placid.

Triathlete Amy Bennett in the Hawk. She is qualified for both the Iron Man and Xterra World Championships.

Surfer Amy Linman in the Lark.

Triathlete Kim Hill in the Hen , claiming the women’s overall victory at the 2007 11th Annual Military Air Group 24 sprint triathlon.

John Leatherbarrow
MUTZ-NUTZ, United Kingdom

Ordering over the internet, most of the time you have to buy on faith and hope that when you receive the order it meets expectations. Well, just to let you know your product has exceeded all expectations, we were very, very impressed! We are also sure that, as you said on your website they will 'fly' off the shelves, and when they do, we will be ordering again.

Louise Whyburd
Owner - Skyburd, United Kingdom

"Quality products that customers love. We started out ordering a few to see how they went...the demand has been unbelievable."

Greg Kay
Birdz product end-user

"My son (age 6) was very pleased with the Talon goggles. I'd also like to add that they fit really well over a helmet for one so young. I was expecting them to be slightly on the big side but your description of "suitable for women and youth" doesn't really do justice to the excellent flexibility of the design."

K. Schauman
Owner - C.K. Smith & Co., Jamestown, NY

I want to tell you how terrific your product is. Our customers are very impressed with the products, quality and price. We can't keep them in stock. Your service as well as your product is a wonderful addition to our store and is greatly appreciated. Thanks for everything.