This is Rx-able!

These are Interchangeable from goggles to sunglasses! 3 sets of lenses also included!

Interchangeable goggles/sunglasses with 3 sets of lenses! Shatterproof, polycarbonate lenses that provide 100% UV Protection. ANTI-FOG coating on ALL 3 sets of lenses (some manufacturers out there say their lenses are anti-fog but only one set has the coating- ALL THREE sets of ours have the anti-fog coating!) Three Lenses: DAY (Smoke Mirrored), OVERCAST OR DUSK (Yellow), NIGHT (Clear). The Phoenix also has an optional prescription lens (RX) insert (frame) available that you can take to your own eye doctor- see below. Matte black colored frames, inside of the frame is foam covered for comfort and durability. Comes with sunglass arms and an adjustable strap to wear either as glasses or goggles! Our Birdz belt case also included to keep them in. Very easy to change lenses, single lens pieces!

MSRP $39.99

This is an optional Rx insert for the Phoenix ONLY. This will not fit any other eyewear model. You can order this Rx insert and your customers can take it to their own eye doctors to fill their prescription. This metal insert pops right in between the frame and the polycarbonate lens.

MSRP $4.50

Changing the Lenses:
You will see a black plastic piece above the nose bridge. This piece holds the lenses in place. You will need to turn this piece vertically and wiggle it out to remove it. Then, you can insert a different lens and replace the black piece.

Replacing the temples/strap:
Squeeze the rectangle in. If it doesn't feel like it's moving in, take a key or a coin and press gently to help it loosen up. Make sure not to bend the temples when removing them. As you're pressing the rectangle, wiggle the temple left to right gently to loosen it up and off.