These are Interchangeable! 3 sets of lenses included!!

Comfortable foam padding on the inside. These come with 3 sets of interchangeable lenses- Smoked, Yellow, and Clear. Sides are vented to help prevent fogging and ALL three sets of lenses have ANTI-FOG coating! Shatterproof, polycarbonate, UV400 protection! Comes with a belt case that has pockets for the extra lenses.

MSRP $29.99

Changing the Lenses:

To remove the lenses: The lenses have their own ďrimsĒ that attach to the goggle. Gently pop the lenses with their rims out of the goggle noting the 4 insertion pegs around the rim.

To replace the lenses: Noting the 4 insertion pegs around the rims of the replacement lenses, insert them into the notches in the goggle frame firmly. (If lens comes out of itís rim, do not worry, itís not broken. The lens will be held in place with itís rim when attached to the goggle frame.)