These are Interchangeable - 3 sets of lenses included!

Sleek frames! These come with 3 sets of interchangeable one piece lenses- Smoked, Yellow, and Clear. Shatterproof, polycarbonate, UV400 protection! Comfortable rubber nosepiece and comes with a belt case.

MSRP $29.99 (see optional Rx insert below)

This is an optional Rx insert for the Feather2 ONLY. This cannot be used with any other eyewear model. You can order this Rx insert and your customers can take it to their own eye doctors to fill their prescription. This insert pops right in behind the polycarbonate lens so you can use all three sets of colored lenses with your prescription insert. The insert is made of TR-90: a strong, flexible nylon-based material.

MSRP $4.50

Changing the Lenses:

Slide the nosepiece off the lenses first. Then, take one end of the lens in your right hand and the frame in your left hand. Holding the frame vertically, firmly tug the lens down while pushing the frame up. You will have to bend the frame and lens slightly to get the lens out. Pop out the middle portion and then do the same with the other side lens.

To Replace the lenses:

Put each side of the lens in first, then snap in the middle portion lastly- you may have to slightly bow/bend the lens again. Finally, replace the nosepiece on the glasses.