These are Interchangeable from goggles to sunglasses! 3 sets of lenses also included!

These interchange from glasses to goggles by taking the arms off and replacing with a goggle strap. Comes with 3 sets of lenses: smoked, yellow, and clear. Lenses are shatterproof, polycarbonate, Anti-fog coated, UV400 rated. ALL lenses are Anti-fog coated, some of the other manufacturers out there say their goggles are anti-fog coated but only one set of lenses really are. Padded on the inside of the frame for comfort. Comes with a belt case that has pockets for the extra lenses.

MSRP $32.99

Strap and temple removal: Place your thumb firmly over the release button and rotate strap clip to remove.

Lens Removal: Press firmly from behind the lens with both thumbs and pop out. To replace the lenses, snap them back into place by lining up the “clips” on both ends of the lens rim.