With the Birdz Eyewear Drop Ship Program we work hard to provide your customers with our affordable, high quality Birdz Eyewear products with lightning fast shipping. The Drop Ship Program allows you to sell the broad range of Birdz Eyewear products with no investment for inventory.

Drop Shipping Overview

  • You sell Birdz Eyewear products to your customers.
  • You collect the payment (merchandise cost and shipping cost).
  • You email or call in the customer order to us.
  • We ship the products directly to your customers. We will even include a copy of your company invoice (provided to us by you) if you desire.
  • We charge you using your credit card on file for the order plus shipping. We also assess a $1.00 fee per Drop Ship on YOUR merchandise cost of the order. International drop ships will incur a flat $5.00 fee per Drop Ship for up to 2 items. We will charge your credit card monthly.
  • Drop ships are non-returnable unless item is defective. Defective drop shipped items can only be returned within 7 business days of your customer receiving them. A return authorization number is necessary before shipping back any item.


How can I get the images of the Birdz Eyewear products for my website?

Please send us an email. Images can be provided to you free of charge!

Is there a minimum drop ship order?

There is NO MINIMUM order for drop ships. In most cases your customers will only order one or two items. We do have a six pair minimum if you were purchasing to stock your store or for a show. However, Drop Ships do not apply to the minimum order requirement for our Dealer Program.

How is Merchandise Shipped?

As of 1/18/10, All packages will be shipped USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL with delivery confirmation for $3.50 (First Class Mail only available for ONE ITEM due to weight restrictions) unless you specify one of the following two optional methods:

  • USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation for $5.50 (USA only).
  • FedEx Ground (within USA only).

    If you do not specify, USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL will be the default shipping for your drop ship order. You can specify USPS Priority mail for $5.50 for packages 1 lb or under for USA destinations. We use USPS Airmail for international packages- $10 for 1 lb or under for Canada destinations, and $13.00 for 1 lb or under for any other International destinations. USPS Priority Mail International is available upon request and is much more expensive. Depending on the number of items ordered, the shipping fee will increase accordingly. If you specify FedEx Ground, packages 1 lb or under will be $10.00 for USA destinations. Depending on the number of items ordered, the shipping fee will increase accordingly.

    With USPS mail with delivery confirmation, the delivery confirmation does not give you a detailed step by step tracking of the package. Unfortunately, USPS does not post a status per day on the shipment. It will only show when it is shipped and when it is delivered. There are times that USPS does not do a good job of updating anything until it is actually delivered. There are times it will show only this message "Electronic Shipping Info Received, Date" the entire time the package is en route until it is actually delivered. There is no need to panic and we ask that you please allow 10 days before contacting us to ask where the shipment is. If it says that electronic shipping info was received then your package WAS shipped by us. We can't hurry it along on our end. On the other hand, if you are uncomfortable with USPS and want a detailed tracking, please choose the FedEx option, the tracking number will trace all steps per day of the shipment.

    Please note: We will not be responsible for lost packages by the Post Office. If you want to insure your drop ship, we can do that for both First Class Mail and Priority Mail (for an additional fee charged by the Post Office). If you want us to use FedEx instead for your drop ship, they already cover up to $100.

    Can I get tracking information for the drop ship?

    (Also see above "How is Merchandise Shipped"). You will get an email with delivery tracking information such as the USPS delivery confirmation number or the FedEx tracking number. This email will be sent to the email you normally use with us to communicate. Please have your email spam filters adjusted to accept emails from our company along with checking your email "junk" box. In order to keep your drop ship fees down, we will only send this information one time so we appreciate your effort in making sure your email filters are set accordingly.

    Will your customers know where the products come from?

    Each order is sent to the address you request when you forward your orders to us. Your item will be shipped in a USPS Box or envelope with your invoice in the box (if you provide one to us). International shipments will be shipped Airmail. The return address label will show your company name and address (this will be the address used for returns if necessary). See example below:

    Your Company
    Your Address
    Your City, State, Zip

    How do I place a drop ship order?

    For all drop ship orders as of September 8, 2008, we will NO longer accept a faxed order. Please EMAIL (service@birdzeyewear.com) your drop ship orders. We prefer this as much as possible so that we have in writing the customer's address and order.

    How do I handle returns?

    If the merchandise is defective, they will be asked to return the product to Birdz Eyewear - Drop Shipment Center. We will then ship them out another item in exchange. If the item is not defective, it is not returnable. Because we offer this drop ship service which allows you the option of not carrying any inventory, no investment, and meeting no minimum order requirements, we do not allow returns based on customer dissatisfaction. Your company can accept a return and keep the item in stock for a future sale.

    How do I know what products are in stock?

    Birdz Eyewear prides itself on being IN STOCK on all products. In the unfortunate event that we are out of stock, we will immediately contact you with an estimated IN STOCK date so you can notify your customer. You can also check our confidential order page (the URL/link you were given for pricing/ordering when you first signed up- if you don't remember this URL, just send us an email and we will send it to you immediately). - we keep this page up to date when something becomes unavailable. If it is unavailable, you will see a notation of "out of stock" right next to the item price.

    Is there a membership fee or handling fees?

    The membership fee for the Birdz Eyewear Drop Ship Program is FREE! As of October 1, 2008, the drop ship fee assessed will be a flat $1.00 per domestic drop ship order. International drop ships will incur a flat $5.00 fee per Drop Ship for up to 2 items.

    What type of payment do you accept?

    We accept Visa/Mastercard, American Express, Discover. We need to get all of your company information before we send out your first drop ship. After your first drop ship, we bill your credit card on a monthly basis.

    How do I get started in the Birdz Eyewear Drop Ship Program?

    Please click on the "Dealer Form" link below and fill out your company information. We will then contact you with all the necessary information to get started. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality products and services. We will respond to all inquires in a expedient fashion. Our contact information is listed below. Please feel free to us with any questions or concerns.

    Birdz Eyewear
    Drop Ship Program
    1316 W Adams St
    Jacksonville FL 32204
    Phone: 219-988-6002
    Email: service@birdzeyewear.com

    Birdz Dealer Form

    If this link does not work for you, just send us an email with your name, company information, and email address.