These are Over-The-Glasses goggles! Can also be made into Interchangeable Kits!

These fit over most size prescription eyeglasses! Each eyepiece gives your glasses a "pocket" of approx. 2" of vertical room at the widest (middle of eyepiece) part before the foam padding begins. (Each actual lens measures approx. 2" vertically and 3" horizontally in diameter). Frame is vented to help prevent fogging. Lenses are shatter resistant polycarbonate, UV400, and also have a special anti-fog coating! These have a very flexible frame and come with a soft micro-fiber pouch! Inside of goggles has padded foam for comfort on your face. Available in SMOKED, CLEAR or YELLOW lenses or as an "Interchangeable Kit" with one or two sets of clear, smoked, or yellow extra interchangeable lenses!!

MSRP $28.99
Select Lens Color:

MSRP $36.99 (1 extra set of lenses)
Select Lens Color:

MSRP $44.99 (2 extra sets of lenses; will come with Smoke, Clear, Yellow) AND a Carrying Case

Changing the Lenses:
To pop out the lenses: First you will be pushing the lenses outward from inside the goggle, not outward facing the front of the goggle. Place your thumb and index finger on the upper, inner corner of each lens (the upper corner closest to the nosepiece) and firmly push outward to pop out.

To replace the lenses: Put the top of the lens in (starting with the corner next to the nose) from the OUTSIDE looking at the front of the goggles, and stretch the bottom of the frame over the lens. The frame is extremely flexible so just work with it until the lens is in the grooves of the frame.


I'm sure like most companies, it's easier to find people who moan and complain. That's why I thought I'd write to tell you how pleased I am with your product. I just received my Buzzard Goggles with smoked and clear lenses tried them out this weekend. It started out a little dark and foggy in the morning so I started with the clear lenses. By the time we finished breakfast, it was sunny and in the 90's already, so I quickly switched to the smoked lenses. It was almost 100 degrees by the end of the day and I was suprised how comfortable these goggles were over my eyeglasses. They didn't fog up and the foam seal prevented my eyes from tearing and drying out at high speeds. These goggles are very light and extremely comfortable. After wearing them for over 5 hours straight and they were just as comfortable as they were when I first put them on Thanks for a great product.

Frank M. Semeraro(Superglide), Founding Member - Wanderers M/C